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Events & Awards

The Awards Manager is Ian G4KJD who can be contacted HERE

Mercury Award The award is for contacting or hearing members of the RNARS on or after 1st October 1960. It is issued on a points basis of 1 point per member heard or worked per band. Two points are given for RNARS special calls (i.e. GB3RN, GB2PLY etc.) and 2 points for contacts with RNARS members above 30 MHz. The Award is issued in 3 classes:
Class I requires 20 points, the minimum for G stations
Class II requires 10 points, the minimum for EU stations.
Class III requires 5 points and is only available for stations outside Europe
Stickers are available for 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500, 750 & 1000. There is no fee for stickers except SAE or 1 IRC
World Wide Award This award is for contacting or hearing members of the RNARS in 10 DXCC countries and on at least 2 continents after 1st October 1960. Stickers are available for 25, 50, 75 & 100 Countries and 3, 4, 5 & 6 Continents. A member signing /MM can be claimed if close to the shores of a missing continent but does not count for a missing country
Hampshire County Award This award for contacting or hearing ANY stations (not only RNARS) in the English County of Hampshire. (Please note that the Isle of Wight does not count) on or after 1st October 1960. Each station counts 1 point with RNARS special stations counting 2 points. The award is issued in 3 classes:
Class I - UK 50 points, EU 20 points, DX 15 points.
Class II - UK 30 points, EU 15 points, DX 10 points
Class III - UK 20 points, EU 10 points, DX 5 points.
Kaleidoscope Award This award is for contacting or hearing RNARS members, using the last letter of the callsign to spell out: “ROYAL NAVAL AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY”. No more than one member may count for any single letter. All contacts valid on or after 1st January 1986. Example: G4JBR, G4SFO, G3ZAY, GW4MVA, G3VLL = ROYAL etc
International Navy Award International Navy Award became available from 1st January 2004, therefore NO QSO BEFORE 2004. It is available to all Amateurs and Short Wave Listeners
Class One: Work or Hear 10 RNARS Members, 10 MF Runde Members, 3 INORC Members and 1 MARAC Member. Plus one member from ANARS or BMARS or FNARS or YO-MARC or MFCA.
Class Two. Work or Hear 5 RNARS Members, 5 MF Runde Members and 1 INORC member. Plus one member from ANARS or BMARS or FNARS or MARAC or YO- MARC or MFCA.
Class Three. This class is for DX stations outside Europe only.
Work or Hear 3 RNARS members, 3 MF Runde Members plus one member from ANARS or BMARS or FNARS or INORC or MARAC or YO-MARC or MFCA.
Joker - A contact with a valid Museum Ship not listed above (see Historic Ships on this site) counts as a missing contact. Only one per application will count i.e. 10 x RN, 10 x MF, 3 x INORC, 1 x MARAC, 1 x Joker instead of missing Club.
RNARS Digital ( 'BITS') Award

BITS Award
The award is for contacting or hearing members of RNARS in any digital data mode, PSK, RTTY, MFSK, SSTV for example on any band. For a full list see http://hfradio.org.uk/html/digital_modes.html
Scoring will be 1 point for every member heard or worked per mode per band with 5 points for every special call or NOV call such as GB3RN, GB2RN, GB2PLY or GB6COD. Different speeds within the same mode will be classed as the same mode, e.g. PSK 31 and PSK63 are the same and RTTY Normal and Inverted are the same mode.
Like the Mercury Award this award is issued in 3 classes:
Class I – 60 points
Class II – 40 points
Class III – 20 points.
In addition anyone with 100 points will be awarded a special decorative plaque.
The awards will be known as the RNARS BITS Awards.
As Wikipedia says “A bit is the basic unit of information in computing and digital communications”. The term bit is constructed from binary digit.
50 years membership

50 Years Award
Awarded to members who have completed 50 years of continuous membership of the Society.  Applications to be made to the Membership Secretary.
Robert Sharpe (G3AWY) Award
Rob Sharpe trophy
Presented by Mrs Winfred Sharpe at the 1976/77 AGM in memory of her late husband Robert Sharpe, G3AWY. The award to be presented annually for the best construction article featured in the Society Newsletter.