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RNARS Merit Awards (G3WNJ Trophy)
1971 -  to date

To be awarded to the member who is deemed by the committee to have contributed significantly to the good of the Society

Year Recipient Call Testimony
1970 MJ Matthews G3JFF For his work in setting up the RNARS and his continuing endeavours on behalf of the Society.
1971 R Sharp G3AWY For service to the Society.
1973 R McGarry W4CXH For his services to members of the RNARS and its members during their visits to Miami.
1974 M Puttick G3LIK For his services as Chairman and Secretary of the RNARS.
1975 J Clegg ZS1JJ For his unstinting support of the RNARS in South Africa and hospitality to RNARS members visiting Capetown.
1976 D Walmsley G3HZL For his hard work in support of the HMS BELFAST Trust and its links with the RNARS and as awards manager over many years.
1978 F Humphris G5IZ For meritorious service over many years as the society's QSL designer and printer.
1979 L Aspinall G3PZP For his work in taping the RNARS Newsletter for the benefit of blind members.
1980 AG Walker G4DIU For his many years service as Mobile Rally Manager.
1983 RV New SWL In recognition of long and consistent work on behalf of the society as its Short Wave Listener Manager.
1984 D Cawley G2GM For his many years of work as the society's Hampshire County Awards Manager.
1985 W Jordan G4THZ For his work in setting up and running the RNARS QSL Bureau.
1986 P Bowen G3TZL For his work as the society's QRQ Manager.
1987 A Holmes G4CRW For his work over many years, in establishing, maintaining and publishing the R.N.A.R.S. call book and production of the newsletter labels.
1989 B Beddington G3JWY For his work in controlling the "Bubbly Rats" net over the last 3 years.
1990 R Buddle G4UOX For his work as Commodities Manager.
1991 D Costello G4UKJ For all his work in handling the RNARS QSL Bureau.
1992 Frank VK2BPV  
1993 C Harper G4UJR For all his hard work organising the RNARS Rallies 
1994 S Will GM3SID  
1995 T Biddlecombe G3WAO  
1996 B Davies GW0JXW For his many years of service to the Committee and the Area Reps Coordinator
1999 P Manning G1LKJ For support for RNARS and the Belfast Group over many years. 
2001 R Baker G0LKO For his services as Treasurer for the last 10 years. 
2002 DM Cardell G0RHL For her efforts and hard work as the RNARS QSL Bureau Manager 
2003 RD Wilson G0FEK For his outstanding work as Chairman of the London Group for the last few years. 
2004 W Cross G0ELZ For his outstanding work as Chairman of the HMS Plymouth Group for a number of years. 
2006 M Rutland G0VIX For his hard work keeping the RNARS QSL Bureau working to a high standard especially during all the Trafalgar Year special event callsigns. 
2007 D Prothero G0RNO For running Data.Comms /eNews for the RNARS 
2008 PJ Patrick G3TWG For his long service in this post, keeping the Society’s finances in order. 
2010 D Hotchkiss G4BEQ For all his organisation of the RNARS 50th Anniversary dinner at Coventry in August 
2011 D Bowen G0MIU For his service as the Membership Secretary 
2012 J Kirk G3ZDF For his work as Secretary and Webmaster
2013 N Auckland M0NAF For his work in refurbishing the HQ Shack, his regular attendance in the Shack and his operating of GB3RN. 
2014 C Topping GM6HGW For his long service as Editor of the Society’s Newsletter
2015 D Williams G8PUO For his invaluable assistance in setting up GB7RN 
2016 N Auckland M0NAF For his work as Shack Manager and Training Coordinator throughout the year under difficult circumstances
2017 A Mori 2E0JVM For his work as Treasurer
2018 Doug & Judy Bowen   For their work printing, enveloping and despatching the Newsletter
2019 Ian Hutchinson M0LIH For encouraging the Society to get involved in a number of new areas of amateur radio and then making them happen 
2020 Ian Hutchinson M0LIH For his work in activating GB3RN on the Oscar-100/Es’hail2 satellite. 
2021 Sid Wills GM4SID For his work managing and distributing the RNARS Call Book
2022 Joe Kirk G3ZDF For his work as Membership Secretary and Website Manager