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Robert Sharpe, G3AWY, Award

Robert Sharpe Award

Presented by Mrs Winfred Sharpe at the 1976/77 AGM in memory of her late husband Robert Sharpe, G3AWY. The award to be presented annually for the best construction article featured in the Society Newsletter.

Previous Recipients

2022 G3YTQ Clive Kidd
2020 HB9ANE Jürgen H. Timcke
2018 HB9ANE Jürgen H. Timcke
2017 G4BEQ Doug Hotchkiss
2016 G0LDJ Doug Cansfield
2015 HB9ANE Jürgen Timcke
2014  G3RFH, Ken Randall
1994  G4TNI, Del Attridge
1992 G3IPV, Pete Haylett
1991? EI4FT
1990 G5HZL
1987 GM4SID, Sid Will
1985 GM4SID, Sid Will
1984 G3TZL, Peter Bowen
1978 G5IC