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Introduction to Amateur Radio

The spread of global radio communication has been one of the major achievements of the last century. It is now possible to see pictures from outer space, hear news from Afghanistan or get press releases from any major capital in the world. However, not many people will realise the important contribution that Radio Amateurs have made to this communication explosion. Satellite Dish
Rather than try and explain Amateur Radio in words why not have a look HERE at a short taster film?
If that sparks your interest HERE's a slightly longer video that looks at some of the many facets of Amateur Radio and shows that the hobby is not all old blokes in pullovers.
For example Radio Amateurs played their part in the development of RADAR, they were the first to realise the potential of world circling short wave radio and, more up to date, Radio Amateurs have a keen interest in digital communication, computers, the Internet and satellite communications with programmes like Echolink and digital voice radios.
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