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Brian Poole, "Joe" RNARS 0033, G3MRC 7Q7BP and many other calls

Occasionally, family members of Service Personnel are not always aware of the detail of their careers. This is one such case. The widow of a friend of mine has asked for some information about his career in the Royal Navy. Brian Joseph Poole, known as ‘Joe’ started his career as a ‘Boy Tel’ at HMS Ganges in 1953. His first ship was the carrier HMS Ark Royal in 1955. He later served at Kranji Wireless in Singapore, Mauritius, in submarines and, latterly, HMS Fearless. One of his shipmates from Fearless is also asking for any information in order to assemble a tribute as he was a pupil of Joe’s in the Communications Branch. Joe retired from the RN in 1978 as a Chief Radio Supervisor. Joe was G3MRC, RNARS Member no. 0033 and held many calls throughout the world in Singapore and Africa mostly, his last one being 7Q7BP in Malawi.
If anyone who served with Joe can shed any light on any of his service in the intervening years between him qualifying as a Telegraphist to his retirement it will be greatly appreciated by his widow Janet. 
Information to Bill G3TSM.

HMS Bronnington

Members may recall that HMS Bronington was berthed with Plymouth and Onyx at Birkenhead before the owners decided to have them all removed. Everyone is aware of the fates of both Plymouth and Onyx. However, Bronington was left to rot but there has been a move to recover and restore it.
A project has been set up to raise funds to complete the first phase.  Details at https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-restore-hms-bronington?qid=c05975e2a1375f688e0d74f7e21b7bf3

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Merit (G3WNJ) Award Sid GM4SID
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Robert Sharpe G3AWY Award  Not awarded this year    

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Merit (G3WNJ) Award Ian M0LIH
Certificates of Merit Steve M6WVV
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Robert Sharpe G3AWY Award  Jürgen   HB9ANE 

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Merit (G3WNJ) Award Ian M0LIH
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Merit (G3WNJ) Award Doug & Judy Bowen  
Certificates of Merit Ian Pitkin G4KJD
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Robert Sharpe (G3AWY) Award Jurgen HB9ANE